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Our version release history plus information for beta testers.


Adds support for push messages, dynamic push filtering, analytics through Flurry and Google Analytics, multi-language support, and improved iOS 8 customisation. Push and analytics are available only to premium and enterprise customers.

  • Keep in touch with your customers using push messages – remote alerts that let you promote offers and even attach Beacondo actions.
  • Use dynamic push filtering to target users based on their activity: what iBeacons they have visited, what items they have purchased, what language they speak, and more.
  • Use Flurry or Google Analytics to get detailed app usage information, or use Beacondo Manager to get instant app feedback.
  • Translate your app into any languages you want, and users will automatically see the right version for them.
  • If you're targeting iOS 8, you can now select "when in use" location monitoring.


Adds support for check out using PayPal, improved iPad support, iAd integration, and much more screen customisation.

  • New "Check out with PayPal" action integrates payment directly with your app.
  • iPad support is now greatly improved – just set your target device to be Universal to try.
  • Integrate Apple's iAd network into your pages with one mouse click in Designer.
  • Give your screens custom background images and color tints.
  • Choose custom background colors, fonts, sizes and alignments for text in table rows.
  • When posting to social media, users can now attach images or take new photos.
  • Add extra assets, such as custom CSS and JavaScript, to your app builds.


Adds support for adding items to a basket or wishlist, making a user's device into an iBeacon, user-entered text and form submission, visual beacon distancing, an optional left-hand menu, and more.

  • "Add single item to basket" and "Add multiple item to basket" options.
  • "Show basket" action that shows what's in the current basket, shows a total, and lets users adjust quantities.
  • "Send basket to URL" action that sends a JSON-encoded dictionary of values to a URL of your choice using the internal browser.
  • Users of "post app notification" can now type the magic string {$BASKET} to have the basket sent via app notification.
  • "Show beacon distance" action shows a visual display of the user's distance to a specific beacon. Use "UUID, Major, Minor" for this action's parameter.
  • Screen layout can now use a left-hand menu rather than tabs by changing the layout option on the Screens tab.
  • New "text entry" screen item lets users enter text.
  • New "Submit form to URL" action sends all text entry fields on a screen to a URL of your choice using the internal browser.
  • Enterprise only: Custom app properties can now be set from the internal web browser. Use <beacondoProperty>foo=bar</beacondoProperty> to set a property, then use {$foo} to use it in (for example) a table row title.
  • Enterprise only: Using the internal web browser you can now set up a local iBeacon to run on the user's phone to be tracked from another device. For example, <beacondoLocalUUID>5A4BCFCE-174E-4BAC-A814-092E77F6B7E5</beacondoLocalUUID> <beacondoLocalMajor>123</beacondoLocalMajor> <beacondoLocalMinor>459</beacondoLocalMinor> will run that beacon on the user's phone while the app is active.
  • Remote URL as option for pages, alongside file and inline text.
  • Pages can now have a button on the right of the navigation bar.
  • Adjusted status bar style to include "hidden".
  • Beacondo Viewer: Add beacondo:// URL scheme to to trigger app download.
  • Beacondo Viewer: Swipe to share app by AirDrop or email.


Adds support for status bar customization. Fixes a rare bug with page searching.


Initial public release.

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