Design, build and deploy.

Our hands-on videos can help you deliver your first app in under an hour.

Videos: get started the easy way

If you'd like to dive in and start making your app the easy way, our video tutorials give you everything you need to design, build and test your apps.

  1. Creating and testing a basic app
  2. Designing screens: carousels, maps and more
  3. Adding sections and pages
  4. Configuring iBeacons and beacon actions
  5. Working with barcodes
  6. Understanding actions
  7. Tables and grids
  8. Configuring Xcode settings

If you're using Beacondo 1.6 or later, you can watch the following videos too:

  1. Creating a basket or wishlist
  2. Tabs vs a side menu
  3. Reading user text entry
  4. Tracking iBeacon distance
  5. Properties and local beacons

User guide: the complete reference

The user guide documents every feature on every screen of Beacondo Designer, offers tips and techniques for getting stuff done, as well as helping you build your app using Xcode. If you're using a beta release, you should refer to the documentation that was included with your download.

Download (PDF, 955KB)

Developers: let's geek out together

If you're a coder and want to make use of Beacondo, you probably have lots of questions about architectures, libraries and more. Bring it on!

Click here for our developer guide

Examples: see what you can do

Once you have downloaded Beacondo Viewer from the App Store, you should try our example apps to get an idea what's possible with the Beacondo platform.

Click here for our example apps

Newsletter: sign up for iBeacon tips

If you'd like to read our tips, tricks and tutorials for Beacondo, as well as invites to try the latest betas of our releases, sign up to our newsletter using the form below.