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Includes Beacondo watermark

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No Beacondo watermark

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Advanced features

What's the difference?

  Basic Premium Enterprise
Includes "Powered by Beacondo" watermark  
Up to 20 iBeacons  
Over 20 iBeacons    
Customisable branding
Carousels and slideshows
Scan barcodes and QR codes
Play sound and movies
Post to Facebook and Twitter
Maps and KML support
Native performance
App marketing tips guide  
Dynamic app configuration    
Custom app notifications    

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What's the Beacondo watermark?


With our Basic license, you'll see a small “Powered by Beacondo” at the bottom of each of your screens.

That's it! You can make as many apps as you want for free, as long as you're happy with that watermark. And if you ever change your mind, just upgrade to Premium when you're ready.

And yes, you can use your Basic license for any kind of app, commercial or otherwise.

I run an agency. Can I resell this stuff?


Absolutely! You pay the same price no matter what you charge your client, which means Beacondo lets you focus on delivering great content rather than the hassle and cost of bespoke app development.

What's more, if your client doesn't mind the “Powered by Beacondo” watermark, you can even use the Basic license for free, so there's nothing stopping you getting started today.

I work in a school. Do I get a discount?


Schools teaching any level of student get 50% off the price of any Beacondo license, and also get their first year free. This means you can give our technology an extensive real-world trial before committing anything.

We also have special pricing for Apple Distinguished Educators: a free Premium license for life, and 75% off our Enterprise license. click here for more information on academic pricing.

What are those features in Enterprise?


More than 20 iBeacons: If there are more than 20 locations you want to track, Enterprise lets add as many as you need.

Dynamic app configuration: Lets you build custom functionality to download new products and app updates remotely.

Custom app notifications: Lets your send messages from Beacondo to your own code in the app, to process as needed.

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