What are

A jargon-free guide to the next-generation opportunity for retailers worldwide.

What they are

iBeacons are tiny computers that are cheap to produce and last a long time. They broadcast a simple signal that can be detected by smartphones. That location can be very broad ("Tim's Shoe Store"), store-based ("Tim's Shoe Store Atlanta") or even department-based ("the boots section of Tim's Shoe Store Atlanta").

Are they expensive?

No, iBeacons are cheap to buy and use, and cost about $30-$40 each. If you have a small store, one beacon is enough to cover the whole place, but if you have lots of walls you may need two or three. Companies like Estimote sell three in a pack for $99, and each iBeacon is sticky – you can place it wherever you want!

Getting started

To get started with iBeacons, all you need to do is buy one, switch it on, and place it inside your store. That iBeacon will come with an identifying number that you'll need to enter into Beacondo, but once that's done your app and your iBeacon will start working together immediately. It's that easy!

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