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Deliver your branded app to users around the world – all with our free tools.

Instant apps

Our software lets you create apps that match your brand without having to code it all from scratch. You choose what your users see, what they interact with, and how your app responds, all through our drag-and-drop interface.

Location is king

If you're making an app for retail, Beacondo makes it easy to attach real-world interactivity: you can show specific content when the user is in a particular store, and you can let them scan barcodes to pull up more information about a product.

Native speed

Beacondo apps are built with native code, which means they draw upon everything iPhones can do – scanning barcodes and QR codes, monitoring location, loading maps and more. Best of all, it all runs at blazing speed.

Easy iBeacons: advertise as they walk by.

With Beacondo, you can detect when a user walks near one of your stores and display a message on their iPhone enticing them in. Or, if they have the app running, you can detect which part of your store they are in, and shown them more information or special offers.

What are iBeacons?

You choose the design: carousels, maps and more.

We give you the tools that you let create from scratch your perfect app: if you want a 3D carousel at the top of your home screen, followed by rows for each of your departments, it takes just minutes to do – just add your graphics and position them where you want.

Add interactivity: sounds, movies, Facebook and more.

You get to choose exactly how everything should respond when the user taps. Send a tweet? Scan a barcode? Play a movie? Open a web page? All just a few clicks away, which means you have complete control over your user experience.

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