Visit London

A complete tourism app that demonstrates slideshows, sections, pages and search.

Tim's Shoes

A retail app demonstrating grids, barcode scanning, map locations, and PayPal checkout.

Template App

The basic template app that comes with Beacondo Designer, filled with placeholder text.

See an example

Once you've installed Beacondo Viewer from the App Store you should tap the + button in the top-right and select "Scan QR Code." You can then point your iPhone's camera at one of the QR codes above to download and install a test app. Each of the three apps above are simple examples of what you can do with Beacondo, and you have complete control over the look and feel of your own apps.

Note: if you're using the examples "Tim's Shoes" or "Template App" and want a barcode to scan, use this one:

Now try it yourself…

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