for schools

Massive discounts and hands-on support help deliver iBeacons for all.

Instant savings

All schools and colleges can get a Premium or Enterprise account completely free for the first year, with 50% off all subsequent years.

Discounts for ADEs

Apple Distinguished Educators from any class get a Premium account for their school forever, and 75% off Enterprise prices.

Hands-on support

If you're using iBeacon to help bring education to life for students at any age, we're here to help – get in touch!.

I'm a teacher at a school. What discount do we get?

Schools teaching any age of student get 50% off any license fee, plus the first year completely free. Whether that's kindergarten or post-grad, we want to make it easy and cost-effective and risk-free for you to deliver location-sensitive apps for your students.

If we use the first year free and don't want to continue with the discounted license, do we have to pay?

No. Just downgrade to our free license, and your app can continue on the App Store for as long as you want without paying a penny. Or if you decide your students would benefit more from something else, just take your app down from the App Store and replace it with something else. Really, there's no hidden catch here.

I'm an Apple Distinguished Educator. What discount do I get?

ADEs are eligible for a free Premium license for their school, for as long as they stay there. They can also claim 75% off the price of our Enterprise license for as long as they want it. There is no restriction on which ADE class you were part of - even ADEs from 2006 are welcome.

I'm an ADE, and have used my free Premium license for my school. But next year I move school – what happens to the license?

ADEs get a free Premium license for life and 75% off an Enterprise license if they want it, but the license ultimately belongs to the ADE, not to the school. If you leave your current school and join another, you should transfer the license to your new school.

How do I claim the license?

We need to verify that you represent the school and that you have an App Store account with Apple. The easiest way for us to be sure is pretty simple: make your app, put it live on the App Store, then email us a link. Once we've verified the app, we'll email you back with your free license.

Just to be clear: how much does this really cost?

It doesn't cost anything. All schools get the first year completely free either on Premium or Enterprise license, no catches, with a big discount on all subsequent years. All ADEs get a Premium license for free, for life, again with no catches, and with an even bigger discount on the Enterprise license.

Does my free license include updates and bug fixes?

Yes, you get to use any Beacondo release, including our beta releases if you choose to.

What support do I get?

As part of the deal, you get free priority support to help you solve problems and deliver great results for your students. Once your app has been verified, we'll let you know how to get support.

How can I use iBeacons in my school?

You could start by reading some ideas from Jonathan Naider, or you could watch this video by Paul Hamilton. iBeacons let you encourage students to move around with their devices and explore the classroom, as well as presenting context-sensitive information to them based on parameters you define. What you do with them is down to you!

Where can I get more information?

You can sign up to our newsletter, you can follow us on Twitter, you can bookmark the Beacondo blog or you can email us at Or do all four – we're quite friendly!

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