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Beacondo Designer for OS X lets you design screens, add pages, configure interactivity and build your apps, all in a single, easy-to-learn user interface. You'll need this to create your app.

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Beacondo Viewer lets you preview your own apps either by downloading the content zip from a web server or by copying it through iTunes file sharing. You'll need this to test your app.

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Beacondo SDK comes pre-configured to load a single app that you've produced using Designer. You'll need this when you're ready to ship your app to the App Store for distribution to the world.

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Get started the smart way

Don't just stare at a blank screen and hope for the best – we have awesome videos and documentation to help you jump start your app creation.

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See some examples

You can customize your design and layout any way you want, but if you're looking for ideas you should check out our example apps to get an idea what's possible.

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