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Take our tools and build on them to make something even more awesome.

How it works

At its core, Beacondo is an app creation system optimised for retail and other locations, such as museums and hotels. We've produced it as a software library that bundles together a variety of standard functionality, such as detecting iBeacons, scanning barcodes, and showing maps. A Beacondo app is, in essence, just a very thin wrapper around our library – it starts up, then points the library to where it can find the Beacondo app configuration, and hands over control to Beacondo.

You can read our two-minute guide to iBeacons here.

Adding to your app

When you download the Beacondo SDK, you're actually downloading a set of Xcode projects pre-configured to work with an example Beacondo app. The project – the actual App Store app part – is owned and configured entirely by you, which means you can add as much custom functionality as you want. In fact, if you have your own app already built, you can just drop Beacondo alongside it as another component.

Supported platforms

iBeacon technology is very new, so at this time we support only iOS 7 running on iPhone. Our library comes built for ARMv7 (iPhone 4 and 4s), ARMv7s (iPhone 5) and ARM64 (iPhone 5s), although you need only support the ones you want to. If we get enough demand from customers we may expand our support to include iPad, but the very nature of our target users are that they are mobile, which means iPhone is always likely to be more popular.

Working with iTunes Connect

One of the reasons we distribute our tools as Xcode projects is because it means you own your finished app, not us. That means you have final say on configuration options, it means you submit to Apple for review whenever and as often as you want, and it means you're responsible for configuring iTunes Connect with screenshots, descriptions and other information that match your brand.

Although this does mean some extra work for you, it does at least mean you're able to change your mind later – and even remove Beacondo from your app if you find it's not adding enough value. There's no contractual lock-in to Beacondo, although of course we hope you'll be happy and want to stay!

Getting started

If you'd like to try making a Beacondo app, the first thing you'll need to do is download our tools - they are free to download and use, which means you can be sure they work for you before upgrading. You should also install Apple's Xcode development environment if you don't have it already.